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May 6, 2012

virgo magic

scorpioIntense feelings are on the rise and what’s hidden beneath the surface is coming into consciousness. Saturday’s Full Moon (8:35pm PDT) is in Scorpio, an emotional Water sign with an affinity for the Underworld. Scorpio rules what is secret, taboo, dark and mysterious — what we typically stash in the subconscious because it’s too uncomfortable to acknowledge.

The Scorpio Moon opposes both the Sun and Jupiter in Taurus, highlighting the Taurus-Scorpio polarity — themes of sensuality and sexuality, money and other resources, values and meaning, and power. Scorpio is willing to sacrifice Taurus comfort and stability to uncover deeper authenticity, intimacy, passion and vitality.

I’ve already been feeling the force of this Full Moon for days, and for good reason. Let me count the ways:

The Full Moon coincides with the Moon’s perigee (closest proximity to Earth), making this a “Super Moon” — the biggest Full Moon…

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