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Thoughts on our meeting

April 24, 2012
Clouds over Tahoe HDR #1

Clouds over Tahoe HDR #1 (Photo credit: Bill Strong)

Cirrus uncinus and Cirrus spissatus over Swift...

Cloud in nepali sky

Cloud in nepali sky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I feel your presence

at the oddest times,

at the end of a long laugh,

 when I am re-arranging furniture,

placing clean linen on the bed,

the first day of spring……

Now I ask the Universe,

I am so ready,

 to meet him,

could it be soon please?

Now,  I am asking you

my Beloved dear dear heart,

are you

……are you ready for us to meet?

  1. iamlenise permalink

    This is beautiful..very spiritual and serene..Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. You are very happy my friend.Your beloved and You have connect souls.
    Be blessed!

    • Yes we have dear heart… the sages say It is Thee beloved. As Rumi said
      No need to search for the beloved…they have always been a part of you.

  3. This is so beautiful! You express yourself with such love and passion. I love it. 😀

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