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Guest author Fran Blackwell The Mind is Going Down (not edited but formatted for contemplation)

April 24, 2012

The Mind is Going Down

the defeat of the mind the moment of mental Waterloo

 when it occurs with meltdown splendor,

 it is an epic moment in the unfolding of Soul,
moving soul up on survival scale….

why is this? Be cause a surrendered mind is a true servant subservient to

spiritual purification , for it begins its true expression of love for all life,

going forth in total agreement, full acceptance for all that is required

in a moments notice, staying in loves way freed from all impediments that

stand in ways of understanding the gifts of conscious revelation of what this

lifetime is about
and why Soul reincarnated this lifetime,

integrating all its incarnations in one fell swoop,

 knowing with out minds doubting deceptions, soul exists because God loves it,

this alone is more than enough for liberation

this lifetime.

 Straight no chaser,

 Soul is ahead of the game,

no stopping in the sticky glue of times track,

 for this time is timeless with Divine Clarity,

 just go wild loving God,

celebrating the Divinity of all life,

for to be in the presence of the Beloved

 touches Soul in ways profoundly sacred

 as the heart is kissed by grace.

Soul, free and clear in pristine wilderness

leading its way forever within the solitude of the alone,

 yet never knowing loneliness,

so blessed with knowing all things worthy of love

embracing all life unfolding in its light displaying

loveliness, breathtaking to behold beauty in the eye of God,

whose vision encompasses all songs

 singing praises phrases pure sounding music….

reminiscent of Lady sings the blues touches deep,

yet deeper still,

hear the stillness at the altar of silence

a hymn to Gods thrilling touch in all things

All things are touched and imprinted with this searing love,

 whose fingerprints give life meaning to sacred whispers

 unfiltered within an awakening to truth,

it is the Beloved in concert,

 holding forth within the chamber of the heart

of all living, vibrating eternal rhythms composed in words of love, yes of love,

 Soul sings like the wind scape of stars and cosmic dust and birdsong,

in unison with crickets cricking and the red red robin comes bob bob bobing along

long way to go when there is no longer anywhere to go.

 Soul lives in the high worlds of God

 In the present moment, suffice to say,

 the journey ends before its begun,

with many beginnings and endings,

 woven in the delicate fabric;

the stories of Souls journey triumphant at last,

knowing with purity and simplicity,

Love is All,

All is Love

As the arrow points its informative direction, “You are Here”

If you lived Here, you would be home now,”

Are you laughing yet?

There is no sound so joyful as the laughter of God and the Sound of HU

HU-a love song to God

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