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April 20, 2012

truelovejunkie can ask me anything if they want the truth……enjoy their blog I do

♥ truelovejunkie ♥

Sunday, and im all alone

Sitting in the window in my home

I try to look back on my life

A daughter, a friend and a wife.


Thankful will I be forever

For God made me become mother

Of two little angels I hold dear

The only reason that I am here.


They are precious and I am blessed

To have surpassed all the test

They keep me going when I need to go on

I can’t thank Him enough He made me strong.


When the emptiness sinks in,

The void is filled with love from within

Someday I hope they will realize

That they are the reason why

There is sparkle in my eyes.


I pray that they may be blessed with kind hearts

Patience, compassion and gratitude I always impart

With these, we will be blessed each and everyday;

Blessings that no amount…

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  1. thank you for reblogging. 🙂 have a nice day…

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