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Gentle words heal broken places

April 18, 2012
Snail post .... not snail-mail!! The fence-pos...

Snail post .... not snail-mail!! The fence-posts on the road in northern Barra are encrusted with snails. (This view looks over the western end of Lingeigh in the Sound of Barra, with Easabhal on South Uist in the distance.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

)”]Viva La Snail Mail!
Snail Mail Terminal

Snail Mail Terminal (Photo credit: Vicki & Chuck Rogers)

Rumi says….It is in the broken places that the light shines through.

There are times in isolation when one is searching for the light…

  • the phone rings
  • an unexpected greeting comes by snail mail
  • a friend just drops in to give a hug
  • a video on the computer opens up your heart
  • a memory of a delightful day plays all the way to the end
  • a song on the radio at the supermarket lifts your spirit
  • someone in the elevator smiles
  • the busiest person in town calls to take you for tea
  • snow falls at just the right pace
  • the sunlight of the spirit falls on your face

Gentle words heal broken places. 

  1. And as physics tells us light bends around obsyacles.

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