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Daughter`s birthday…

April 9, 2012
Tree - leaf canopy

Tree - leaf canopy (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Machine sewn, hand dyed fabric with machine ap...

Machine sewn, hand dyed fabric with machine appliqued circles. Quilted by machine. 100% cotton Own design and layout. Made for my daughter Carlena to celebrate her 18th birthday and leaving home. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Laundry done, risotto on the stove, distractions in my head.

Today is the anniversary of my daughters birth.

I am lazy and languishing, not working on my book just thinking of you instead.

My daughter  was adopted-out at birth so I have thought of her so many times since April 9, 1971.

Who she became.

Am I a grandmother?

Did I pass her in the grocery store?

Or rather has she translated and come back to me in the form of a sponsee in my recovery programme?

Is she the hairdresser that fusses over me?

Or perhaps she is the clerk in the hardware store who always carries out my parcels?

Is she one of my daughters- of -the- heart who call me every three months?

Is she you dear heart?

Alaska forest - trees

Alaska forest - trees (Photo credit: blmiers2)

  1. Thank you kindly dear hearts for liking this post…..the risotto disappeared….the clouds have gone….it is another learning day.

  2. Reading your post,drove my tears to fall down writing the following:

    ( Perhaps I couldn’t hear your giggle
    Perhaps I couldn’t see you wiggle
    Perhaps I couldn’t hold you whispering your name
    Perhaps I couldn’t, your first painting, frame
    Perhaps it’s my destiny to see empty forever your bed
    Perhaps it’s your destiny not to wake up to the smell of my bread
    But all I’m sure about is that my beats only for you kneel to pray
    Every year I celebrate alone your birthday…)

    • WOW….do you want to allow me to post this as guest author on my blog Please advise.

      • Well it was born under the effect of your words,
        so It’s yours….I don’t see it complete as it was in a form of a reply, unless you want to tell the story, but feel’s an honor on my behalf to be invited..
        Have a blessed day ahead

    • Mira this is so beautiful, my eyes welled up..lovely 🙂

      • O’ sweetie..thanks
        &You’ve to thank Ms. Mary because she brought those words to light..
        Have a peaceful day

  3. It is sad what you wrote the longing,the day ..hauntingly beautiful
    peace n love 🙂

  4. This is so beautiful and tugged at my heart and Mira’s poem did the same…thank you also for following me and for your visits. I will do the same and look forward to reading more of your work.
    Lauren 🙂

  5. wow! Very touching!

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