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Oh dear Sam….let me hold you while we dream

March 23, 2012



I finally figured 

out why I am not sleeping.

Because I was traveling home with

others I did not know when I was leaving.

We did not have a proper good bye.  I

think I rather avoided the thoughts

Of not dreaming with you holding


Let us lucid dream, beloved.

I will dream I am holding you.

Close oh so close.

You can dream

I have prepared

your favorite dinner,

had a warm bath waiting.

 the rest is our history….beloved.

 By the way, do you skype………

  1. exitprofitt permalink

    Caramba con el señor SAM…” Anegado…de belleza y de poesía ,
    despierta en la pasión el sueño ,
    como cáliz dorado… ,
    crece fuerte… .
    Se mueve viva … ,
    en el artificio de un alma anhelante ,
    bajo cuyo anhelo… ,
    lo refresca de tradiciones … ,
    un universo pensante ” .


    PD: Gracias y comparto el gusto por el arte poético.

    Éxitos !

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