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March 9, 2012

Reblog of Worth while


The angel came to threaten me but was not prepared for the sight of me. I was ready and waiting for him. I have had to deal with many of his kin.

I was waiting on the shore to meet him as I have many before. They arrive with lighting flash expecting they will turn me to ash. With their wings unfurled and their swords help high they lose their purpose when they meet my eye.

They all surrender unto me they beg their Lord to set them free. They all submit to me they can’t resist they need to drink of me.

Here I am on the shore with piles of fallen angels’ wings galore. The angry lights in the sky is Him furious with his troops who can no longer fly.

So they may come and come again I shall conquer all. I fear not their fiery swords…

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  1. Nice find…thanks for sharing….

    • Thanks for the keen eye and I so enjoy reblogging on holidays………the only way to go eh

      • Today’s a holiday?….here in California, it’s only Friday….but reblogging IS fun, yes? Yes….oh, by the way, the ‘eh’ gives you away as a Canadian… 🙂 Take care out there….

      • No, not Canadian holiday I am on holidays….personal and thanks for the nominations…..will address them shortly but have tobogganing in the mountains first…..with the great niece and great nephew….the invigorating mountain air will help with the challenge of aging and daylight savings time lol Blessings to you

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