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March 8, 2012

Mutton Busting enjoy

this man's journey

Howdy everyone. This week’s photo challenge is called “Distorted.” In a world where a lot of people strive for perfection, this comes as a true challenge. I’m just as guilty. I was browsing my photo gallery and I couldn’t find a distorted photo. I usually delete pictures that are blurry or has hints of imperfections. Ouch!

Other than about getting the perfect picture, in reality my world is all about imperfections, weaknesses, blemishes, shortcomings and others faults that any human being goes through with his life. Personally, I have a particular dislike with vanity. I could care less what “brand” I’m wearing or what I look like. But sometimes certain occasions require me to conform with rules, dress codes and etiquettes which I’m sorry to say, I submit myself half heartedly. All my life, I grew up around simple things. I’m used to the freedom of being myself without trying to…

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  1. I’m so happy that you enjoyed and reblogged my post. It was a fun and memorable day for me . My son gave me a sense of joy that I will treasure always. Thank you .

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