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Hello world! This is dedicated to my beloved…for whom I write..for whom others guest author here.

February 10, 2012
Sunny day high in the Bohinj Mountains.

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Looking up at Mount Ossa and Cathedral Mountain

Looking up at Mount Ossa and Cathedral Mountain (Photo credit: brewbooks)

Beloved One

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Greetings, to you my world, my beloved…

This blog is dedicated you

You who fill my heart with song…

You who hold me in my dreams…

My whole life long.

You are the melody which my heart sings.

You are the reason I do so many little things.

It is for you I long.

It is for you I write.

You are my eternal beloved…

As a child, this lifetime, I slept peacefully in your arms. I did not know others, could not see you, did not know you. I never considered you as an imaginary friend. I never considered many other people real. You have always been there for me, Beloved. It is my gift to you 

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    One of the most amazing blog I have ever read..Beautiful,tender,so special..when You go there to visit be gentle,be kind to the unknown friend on line.

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